EP 1 (Part 1/4): Technology Startup Culture: “Recipe for Success”

Is there a type of culture that makes startup companies successful? Is it about work / life balance or all about the bottomline? What are the tradeoffs? Listen in on technology insiders and experts talk about the high and lows of venture capitalism in the world of tech. What does it take to come out on top.

Guests Include: Ben Huh, Andy Liu, Oren Etzioni, T. A. McCann, Dan Shapiro



  1. I love the quote by Ben – “I can remove stuff I don’t like, I can’t really add anything”

  2. Very interesting dinner topic, cultures! ..so interesting to listen to their perspective of cultures at companies. Not sure I agree with all of their thoughts, but thought provoking nonetheless.

  3. I think that culture is the most important part about a company. Culture, permeates into every aspect interaction and how people relate to each other and also to products is really interesting.

    I thought it was interesting that all these high-powered CEO’s really took a semi-passive approach to building culture. It’s not about me imposing my thoughts and opinions on the company, but rather allowing everyone to inject their perspective on the culture and molding it that way. I agree about Ben’s quote, but I just want to clarify that that was a Michelangelo quote not a Da Vinci quote. I think it’s really interesting to think about creation as a form of removing things rather than building things.

  4. Agreed…The best CEO’s are able to step back and allow the business to work without having to impose but still being clear about the structure and the journey that everyone is on.

  5. What thoughts didn’t you agree with?

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