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What is Dinner Dialogues?

Dinner Dialogues is a new web series that features dinners with interesting people, discussing culturally relevant issues. Each episode focuses on a single topic with guests from diverse backgrounds. It’s about great food, engaging conversations, and big ideas.

Dinner Dialogues is culturally relevant entertainment that promotes diverse and organic discussions on topics that effect the globe. Conversations are smart and topical with viewers experiencing a highly stylized production that makes them feel like they are right at the table with the guests.

Why Be an Episode Sponsor?

The flexibility of this format allows for many opportunities to integrate creative as well as traditional marketing strategies within the show. The range of sponsorship opportunities can be customized to your particular companies needs.


Depending on your sponsorship level, visibility can range from product placement, to traditional advertising on our website.

  • Banner Ads
  • Video Advertising
  • Product Placement
  • Company Participation
  • Expert Branding
  • Branded Event
  • Social Media


When you partner with Dinner Dialogues you show leadership with topics that matter to your business. By sponsoring episodes on topics such as technology, healthcare, and business, you strategically enhance your company’s position.


We consider our sponsors as partners in the effort to create a strong, viable web content. The Sponsorship Program can be a cost- effective way to gain access to our audience and help develop the key relationships needed to maintain and enhance your business.

For more detailed information on sposorship levels please contact:

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