EP 2 (Part 1/4) Tech Trends & Devices: “Today’s Go-To Gadgets”

What is it about technology that makes us easily forget it and can’t live without it? Technology insiders talk about the items that impact their daily routine and what they would miss should the zombie apocalypse strike.

Guests Include: Shauna CauseyStefan WeitzChris PirilloSkooks PongBill Baxter


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  1. I don’t have a smartphone…so my go to gadget, is a notebook and pen. Sometimes I crave time away from my computer, and want to disconnect myself from the digital world and just experience life at a slower pace.

    It is amazing to see the exponential growth that has been created by technology, and how it has bettered the lives of people around the world. I wonder when technology will get to a point where we can expand our presence outside of this planet. Can technology take us beyond the confines of Earth and explore the vast reaches of the universe?

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