EP 1 (Part 4/4): Technology Startup Culture “The Next Big Ideas”

Can you see around corners? What are the next big ideas in the world of tech? Listen in on technology insiders and experts talk about the high and lows of venture capitalism in the world of tech. What does it take to come out on top.

Guests Include: Ben HuhAndy LiuOren EtzioniT. A. McCannDan Shapiro



  1. This is my favorite part of Episode 1. It’s really cool to see what the leaders in technology think are the next big things are. I am really interested to see what the exponential growth in technology means for healthcare and quality of life across the planet. I think that it could be quite revolutionary if we can begin to cure diseases and provide healthcare to the most remote parts of the world.

  2. I agree! This is my favorite part thus far.

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