Dinner Dialogues is a new webseries that features dinners with interesting people, discussing culturally relevant issues. Each episode focuses on a single topic with guests from diverse backgrounds.  It’s about great food, engaging conversations, and big ideas.


Episode 1 : Technology Startup Culture


What is the culture that makes a technology start-up company successful? Listen in on technology insiders and experts talk about the high and lows of venture capitalism in the world of tech. What does it take to come out on top?

Guests: Dan Shapiro, Ben Huh, Oren Etzioni, T. A. McCann, Andy Liu



Episode 2 : Tech Trends & Devices


What is behind the latest trends and devices? What is going to inspire and change the way we interact with the world? What objects will dominate future markets? Join the discussion on trends, gadgets, and triumph in an increasingly cloud-based world.

Guest Include: Shauna CauseyStefan WeitzChris PirilloSkooks Pong, Bill Baxter



Episode 3 : The Culture of Craft


What is perfection with craft? Is it in the execution or the idea? The process often is filled with a million tiny steps to get to completion. Listen in on the conversation that dissects the culture of craft.

Guests Include: Tom Kundig, Bob Hull, Prentice Hale, Annie Han, Roy McMakin


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Dinner Dialogues is a Studio216 Production